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284                          LETTERS   FROM   THE

Benham,1 July ijth.

I took my destination on Wednesday to come
to this place for a few days, in order to break
the uniformity of my life, and dissipate my gloom
by varying the scene. I am afraid I have not
succeeded, nor am likely to succeed, in shaking
off the black goddess or god, I know not which,
from the crupper, where it is fixed like the old
man in Sinbad's story. But, at all events, the
jaunt will benefit my health, and kill that now
bitter enemy of mine—Time. Alas! till now he
and I were on better terms* I remember, when
we were such friends, I was always sorry when
he ran from me, and lamented that he fled so

About eight o'clock I arrived with my port-
manteau at the Gloucester coffee-house, and finding
room in the Bath mail, put myself into it, and
at four yesterday morning arrived at Newbury,
where I slept on a greasy chair by the side of
the kitchen fire, surrounded by crickets and black-
beetles, till about seven, when I was wakened by
a ploughboy burning cheese at the fire for his
breakfast. I thought the strong smell that woke

I The county residence of the Margrave of Anspachc